1. psdo:

    Dorian’s relationship with the Iron Bull is interesting. The Qunari have been at war with the Tevinter Imperium for centuries, after all, and the fact that neither Dorian nor Iron Bull are typical of their people makes for an intriguing arc.

    you have my interest

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  2. merwild:


    I just love the Awakening companions so much! And please, look at her in the eyes, Oghren.

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  4. Comtesse Elodie - Lady Couteau.

     Marquis Durellion -  Caporal Rosslin

  5. New DRAGON AGE™: INQUISITION Gameplay Features – Combat

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    game typography challenge

    Day 2: Create a movie poster remake of a game

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  7. Dragon Age: Inquisition Music Video - Seven Devils by Florence and the Machine


  8. macynell:

    7/25: :Do a fancast for your favorite 5 7 characters from any of the games.

    Oh boy, was this a challenge. There are two of my faves I could not cast for life of me…Anders and Solas. I picked a couple of actors for each but ended up scrapping it because they just weren’t a good fit. I’m really…

  9. fereldanwench:

    100 Days of Dragon Age: Day 28

    7/25: Do a fancast for your favorite 5 characters from any of the games. [x]

    Michelle Pfeiffer as Meredith Stannard; Katie McGrath as Morrigan; Jamie Dornan as Cullen; Kiera Knightley as Bethany Hawke; Jessica White as Isabela

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