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  3. mellorianj:

    I don’t have much inspiration so I keep on painting quick portraits, just for the pleasure of practicing.

    Sebastian Vael in 30mn.

    I’d like to see him again in DA:I.

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  4. if only for the banter ...
    Shopping Spree Squad


    dream squads

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  5. theresidentdevil:

    "Why did you bring me out here, Anders? It’s so chilly."

    "To watch that cute nose of yours turn pink while you pout and complain at me about the cold. You’re just so used to being cooped up in that silly old Chantry."

    "That 'silly old Chantry' is warm and cozy.”

    "I think I can make you warm enough with an embrace. How about it?"

    "Ugh. I’m so angry at you for this."

    "That’s not what your big smile is telling me."

    these idiots. slay me. (can’t u tell im dyin to make more cute stuff of them)
    but if there was only one thing—one absolute favorite thing about autumn that I had to choose—it would be the colors. I’m a sucker for warm colors.

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  6. pheberoni:

    boop boop Amell commission for sharisad !! Shes soo pretty ! 

  9. ymirr:

    I hoped we would go to the Tevinter, but it wasn’t on the list. Then I heard we would get a Magister as a companion, and I was way happy, I thought someone mentioned it would be Vivienne, but I read she was from Orlais etc. Then it came down to Mr. Dramatic Errol Flynn Pavus Hands, and I’m set to love this guy already. Even if his robe is like the Bastila Shan’s hair incident all over.

    But what is true I don’t know, I have a feeling the Bioware folks are having a blast seeing fans stumble squeeeel and beg… Shameless.

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  10. break-the-rules-jinx:

    Cosplaying with friends is the best hobby ever

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